About Richard Flynn

I am Richard Flynn: graphic designer, pedant, linguist, geek, Catholic. I have my own one-man graphic-design business, called Riffly.

The Richard Flynn world headquarters are in Kirribilli, a suburb close to the centre of Sydney. My father is Australian, and my mother is English. I was born and brought up in England, but moved permanently to Australia in 2010. I speak English with a slightly modified RP accent.

I like to cook, especially with my Thermomix. Sometimes my recipes work. I have not—to date—poisoned anyone with something I have cooked, which must surely count for something.

One of my favourite pastimes is using shopping-bags from foreign countries. Occasionally people remark on these bags when they see them, but more often they do not. At the moment my favourite are a set of large bags with two pairs of handles (one short, one long) from Migros in Switzerland.

Something else which I count among my hobbies is avoiding buying novelty ice-cube trays.

I measure temperature in degrees Fahrenheit even though nearly everyone around me uses Celsius/centigrade. I am delighted that my car’s digital thermometer and climate-control system can work in ºF.

I try to write consistently, clearly, and unambiguously. I use OED spelling (‘Oxford spelling’) and the serial comma (the ‘Oxford comma’) when I write. I use hyphens. In short, I think about what I write, and often get annoyed when I come across prose that is either sloppily expressed or just plain wrong. Unlike some linguistic prescriptivists on the Internet, though, I recognize that there is a distinction between errors and differences in individual style.1

I use a Mac, atop both my desk and my lap. I love Mac OS X, and am now running OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion after having avoided 10.7 Lion because of its workflow-breaking ‘features’.2 I am not scared of using the Unix command line, although I am by no means a Unix expert. I also have an iPhone and an iPad. I will get annoyed if you call me a ‘fanboy’ or ‘obsessed’. Everyone should use whatever stuff helps them do whatever they need to do quickest. I have got an Android device which I use for testing websites. I don’t like it very much, probably because I am iPhone-obsessed and an Apple fanboy.

I like taking photographs, especially when I can take the time to get good shots—I’m more interested in landscape and cityscape than individual portraits. I also like travelling. Sometimes I get to take photos when I travel.


  1. So, for example, I don’t mind if you don’t use the serial comma as I do, or if you put spaces either side of your dashes: just as long as you do all that consistently.
  2. I am now happy running Mountain Lion with TotalSpaces to bring back the functionality which Spaces brought to previous versions of the Mac OS, and with SideEffects to bring back coloured (and custom) icons to the Finder’s sidebar.