Privacy Policy


As with all websites on the Internet, you end up giving some information to my server when you visit this site. This information is not at all specific—your IP address, a list of the pages you visit, the browser and operating system you are using, and so on.

You may also choose actively to give some more personal information, e.g. when using the Contact form, or when submitting a comment.

And so…

My policy, such as it is, is that I will never deliberately make any of your personally identifying information available to the general public or to people who ask for it. I certainly don’t sell lists of people’s email addresses or do anything which would cause people trouble (from receiving spam) or put their computers or themselves at risk (from hackers and bot-nets).

If you try to submit a comment with an obviously fake email address, I will probably not publish your comment. Although I have never to date entered into correspondence with commenters on this site who are otherwise unknown to me, I feel that if you don’t trust me enough to give me a way to contact you, there is no reason why I should do you the compliment of publishing your comment.