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On getting 10,000 sick bags custom printed

I think it was Lucy Dollard, the Producer for Theatrical Theatrics Productions who came up with the suggestion. Our play for 2005 is Tom Stoppard’s Rough Crossing, so why not build on the title by advertising the production at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe using custom-printed sick-bags?

The idea was a good one. There are over a thousand productions going on in Edinburgh in the festival period in August, and just about all of them to a man are trying to stand out in their self-advertisement on the Royal Mile. Most people lump with fliers, and this is what we did in 2004. We hadn’t done too badly then, selling out every day, but this year we had to sell a hundred seats per show, more than twice what we had had last year. So, I set about trying to find out how to get …