Apparently Google hasn’t heard of phishing

I was surprised to get this email this morning.

  • ‘Important information’ in the subject-line? Check.
  • No mention of my name, just a generic user-title? Check.
  • Poorly-defined threats of accounts being disabled if I don’t take action? Check.
  • Pleonastic not-quite-English jargon phrases like ‘confirm your home address where you reside’? Check.
  • Links to make it oh-so-easy to log in to my account and fix the supposed problem? Check.

It all looks far too much like a phishing scam, and the semi-educated user who has been told to steer clear of these things will probably see it as such. The sad thing is, though, that this appears to be a genuine Google email: the links actually go to Google domains, rather than to the too-obvious-to-my-mind made-up domains of phishing scams.



2 September 2012, 7.17 am 


frank meyers

17 September 2012, 6.34 am 

Just received similar request also with English grammatical error. However no visible link. Onlt a button to click for connection.

Since I never setup Google Wallet, I did NOT connect. However when searching for a way to report suspicious phishing activities to Google, I could find none.

Very strange.

I will stay with PayPal. At least they are serious about protecting my info.

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